Yan Ming Resources Sdn. Bhd. is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia and Yan Ming formally joined Sunzen Group in 2017, a subsidiary of Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., as the main raw material supplier of its bird’s nest products and responsible for the processing and export of raw clean bird’s nest. The processing of bird’s nest is according to HACCP, GMP, HALAL, VHM and other food safety standards before selling and exporting.

Yanming’s factory and production station are in accordance with the Malaysian National Food Safety Code GMP and HACCP planning, from raw material processing, rinsing, ozone sterilization, manual hair picking, stock molding and shaping, ultraviolet sterilization, air-drying to packaging, we do it all. We process and produce more than 400 kg of net bird’s nest every month leading to our bird’s nest exports of 4.5 tons annually.

Our Products

The 4 types of products Yan Ming produce include Cupshape Bird’s Nest, Unsoaked Bird’s Nest, Horn Bird’s Nest and Filament Bird’s Nest. In 2020, it has successfully exceeded the export volume of 4.5 tons, setting an annual sale of 30 million. Since then, export has grown rapidly. In addition, China’s import of Yan Ming products has reached more than 300 tons, surpassing over 30 billion in market size and still increasing exponentially on a yearly basis. The sales channel of Yan Ming in China’s market is a brand known as “Yu Kang Yan” for wholesale distributors and OEM customers. They are the main supplier for various provinces across China. There are also other sales channel which is through e-commerce, pharmaceutical chains, live broadcast, brands and also Micronet.

Cupshape Bird's Nest

Instant stewed Bird's Nest

Horn Bird's Nest

Filament Bird's Nest

Our Directions

The annual sale of Yan Ming has exceeded 30 million and in 2021, sales are growing even further. Yan Ming’s bird’s nest has been proven top-notch quality by many distributors through integration of sales and production in 2018-2019. Furthermore, to improve the scale and processing of our raw materials, Yan Ming Resources has invested in high-end bird’s nest extraction technology in 2021. We are also working together with UKM University’s scientific research team to conduct multiple thorough experiments and tests to refine and extract the most effective amino acid contained in bird’s nest. With this, elevating the bird’s nest industry and bring Yan Ming’s business to a whole new level.

YanMing Resources Sdn Bhd

11,200 sqft
17,17A,17B,19B, 21B,23,23A,23B, Jalan BPU 8, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Product Capacity (Monthly)
This type bird 's nest is a nest-shaped or boat-shaped bird 's nest selected from the collected bird 's nests, and then sold after plucking the feathers. The cup shape is taken out naturally, so the shape and size are different, and its nutrition, fragrance, and hair are the best.

Cupshape Bird's Nest

This is the original ecological and pollution-free bird’s nest. In the process of “hand-washing”, the feathers are picked and impurities are removed. Cold air is used to dry them. No washing, no foaming, or no picking is required and can be stewed immediately.
The bird's nest is glued on the two sides of the bird's nest . It is the first part of the swiftlet to spit out the bird's nest and stick to the wooden beam. It is equivalent to the "foundation" of the bird's nest and is relatively hard and thick.

Horn Bird's Nest

Filament Bird’s Nest is the pieces during the process of hair picking, washing and transporting and unable to turn into fragments. This type of bird’s nest has no specific shape as its shape is formed from different parts of the bird’s nest, it is then packaged in the factory.

Raw Clean Edible Bird’s Nest Process Flow

Raw Clean Edible Bird’s Nest Process Flow

Receiving & Sorting

Soaking & Cleaning


QC Inspection




Drying 1

CCP 1 Heat Treatment Sterilization

CCP 2 Drying 2





Loading & Distribution

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