Ecolite is a health and wellness company, passionate about providing nourishment to help people be well and committed to making nourishment accessible in simple and convenient ways. It all began with a passion to help people stay healthy. We prioritize in bringing people’s body back into balance by providing nourishments as we strongly believe a well and balanced body gives the energy to do anything. Staying healthy starts with nourishing well.

Today, Ecolite has expanded to 300 varieties, from bird’s nest, tonics, and essence, to formulated herbs and single herbs, all inspired by nature. Having an ancestry of practitioners and backed by modern science, we only seek for the most heartfelt supplies. To this day, our passion stays strong in helping people live their best through proper nourishment at every stage in life.

Our Products

We, at Ecolite believes everyone deserves to live a healthy life, regardless of age, gender, or race. With this goal in mind, we aim to make premium health products affordable and accessible to everyone. Ecolite products can be found and are currently being sold in more than 80% of Malaysia’s Chinese dispensaries, western pharmacies, and chain supermarkets. We export our products to other countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore as well.

Being inspired by nature and the healing wonders of herbs, we have a team of experts with their extensive knowledge of traditional remedies to develop products that are formulated based, catering to all ages and concerns to help people be well at every stage of their life.

Health Tonic series

Bird's Nest series

Family Health

Digestion Series

Our Services

We have our own manufacturing facility which is based in Malaysia, located in Batu Pahat, Johor on a five-acre premise. The facility is equipped for the future with our dedicated Research and Development centre, cutting edge advanced equipment and strict quality control – Made in Malaysia had never been better.

Our own manufacturing plant is compliant with GMP, HACCP, MeSTI, VHM and Halal certification programmes for food safety and peace of mind. All of our products have been tested truly and checked to ensure standards are maintained at an accredited level at all times. Moreover, strictly monitor every step of the supply chain from our carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers and from our own plant to preserve the goodness from farm to table.

Essence Series

Production Annual Output

Tonic Line

Bottles of Tonic Series

Healthy Line

Bottles of Pipagao

Sachet Paste Line

Sachets of Boosticks

Essence Line

Bottles of Bird’s Nest Drinks

Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

217,800 sqft
Product Range
Healthy Beverage Line,Tonic & Essence Line, Sachet Paste Line,Mini Pouch Line
Lot 9284 & 9285, Jalan Yong Peng, 83400 Sri Medan, Batu Pahat, Johor.
Product Capacity (Monthly)
800,000 of Bird’s Nest Drinks
35000 of Sachets Paste
4000 Bottles of Tonic Series
6250 Bottles of Pipagao

Auto Bottling & Capping Line

Screening Line

Vacuum Sterilisation Equipment

Labelling Machine

Packing Line

Production Control

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