Sunzen Group believes that research and development is the most important part of the group. Sunzen Group’s philosophy is to improve lives and to create benefits for the society through biotechnology. Therefore, we will strive our best to introduce more quality and natural animal health products, so that people can consume the product at ease.

Our R&D efforts are guided by the following policies:

  • To introduce and develop innovative “green” animal health products that are progressive and have a large untapped market potential. These products are based on natural substances that are safe for humans, animals and the environment.
  • To maximize the value of our existing products by enhancing the features, efficacy, species applicability and/or discovering new uses for it.
  • To conduct our research activities in an ethical manner in accordance with standard scientific methods and practices.
  • To continuously invest in human capital and R&D assets as they are the foundation of our long-term business success.