Quality Control Department of Sunzen Biotech Berhad consists of laboratory staffs that have the objectives with a goal of making certain that, each finished product reaching to customer is safe, effective and of standard quality.

Roles of the Department:


The overall responsibilities of the department are to assure the quality of all the products coming into possession of Sunzen Biotech Berhad.


Specifically, the tasks and activities of the unit are divided into routine and non-routine. They include Technical and Managerial activities spanning the entire supply process from product selection, to final use.



  • Inspection of in-coming goods
  • Collection and monitoring of samples sent for analysis
  • Performing analysis
  • Handling certificates of analysis
  • Handling quality related customer’s complaints
  • Monitoring supplier’s performance on quality issues

Non- routine activities:

  • Maintenance of the item master by up-dating the range and technical
  • specification of Finished Product & equipment
  • Interacting with purchaser on in-coming quality issues
  • Mobilization of expired drugs and obsolete products