Company Milestone

The business of the Sunzen Group began as a part of Pfizer, and changed its name to Sunzen Corporation in 1998 under a management buyout exercise. We assumed our present name in 2007, and listed on the MESDAQ Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 2008.

In order to promote a younger trend for the group, as well as becoming more competitive and ensuring a comprehensive development, the new shareholders formed by various professional management figures, had in 2014 undertook an equity takeover exercise on Sunzen Group, subsequently establish a management team that consists of old faces and new faces, to achieve management specialization, technical specialization and market diversification.

Upholding the motto of Sunzen Group, the antibiotic-free “green” products which are developed by Sunzen Group, aims to improve the productivity and the overall health condition of the animal groups such as poultry, swine, goats, cattle, and companion animals in a more natural way.

These products comply with the international safety standards, making sure that the public, who consumes meat or animal products, will not be harmed by the unhealthy substances which they could consume indirectly.

Today, our green products are widely available in the local and international animal health markets, be it China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Iran and other countries.

The new management is not only strengthening its original brand quality and reputation, but also putting in more efforts in the research and development work, to promote its new products in the local market and oversea market. At the same time, marketing and promotional works will also be strengthened, in a move to expand its existing sales networks gradually. At the moment, we have successfully made the brand name of Sunzen Group to penetrate into the major farm animal markets.


Sunzen Group has diversified into manufacturing and trading of Traditional Chinese Medicines & Herbal Food and Beverage with the mergers and acquisition of Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and Amplio Ingredients Sdn Bhd
Sunzen Group has also successfully launched an enhance version of Orgacids to Orgacids Revolutions after years of R&D programme. Orgacids Revolution content six acidifier as one of the main alternatives to Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) in Animal Feeds. Besides that, Sunzen also starts trading RBD Palm Stearin which is obtained by fractionation of palm oil after crystallization at controlled temperatures.
This year also marked the year where we successfully obtained ISO 22000:2005 which shows our company commitment towards food safety management system where we demonstrate our ability to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of consumption.


Sunzen Group business has diversified into Trading of Crude Palm Oil. CPO is the liquid oil extracted from the outer layer or mesocarp of the oil palm fruit-lets during the milling process. Thus, Sunzen Group also trade various product such as Palm Kernel (PK) extracted from the inner-most part of the oil palm fruits-lets in the mill as well as Palm Kernel Shell (PKS).


Sunzen Group has commercialized Powder Fats Products into the market. A Powder Fats that is an organic compound derived from palm oil used in the manufacture of feeds and industrial products. For Instance, TOMOFAT 100 & TOMOFAT 300.


Sunzen Group has ventured into Palm Oil related product Industry by manufacturing fat powder for livestock which has been distributed to Asia, EU, Middle East and United States.
Sunzen Group has expanded into various manufacturing with our in-house products such as, Orgacids, Tomofat, Pfactor and Maminume.


In July, a group of experienced corporate figures undertook an equity takeover exercise on Sunzen Group, consequently emerged as its new substantial shareholder and director, bringing Sunzen Group to the new milestone. The strategies of the new management team, will focus on the strengthening of Sunzen Group’s professional management, a strong professional team formed by veterinarian, who will be involved in research and development, market support and professional consultation services. Meanwhile, the management, administration and business operations will be taken care by professional. At the same time, Sunzen Group adopted a dual marketing strategies of its in house green products and agent products, to cater the market demand, expand its existing business rapidly, and increase market share.


Sunzen Group’s R&D findings on Orgacids titled ‘To evaluate the effects of feeding organic and inorganic acids blend on growth performance and digestibility nutrient of fed different concentration of crude protein diets of broiler’ was accepted for presentation at the World Poultry Science Congress 2008 in Brisbane Australia.


  • Sunzen LifeSciences was awarded BioNexus status by the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.
  • Sunzen Corporation was named the Outstanding Animal Health Provider 2007 by Livestock Asia and the Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia.



Sunzen Corporation was granted Pioneer Status by the Ministry of International Trade and lndustry(MITI), which allows for 70% tax exemption for the production of animal feed supplement over 5 yearstill 31th December 2010.


Sunzen Corporation started operations in Petaling Jaya